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Where Were We?

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Dec. 7th, 2006 | 12:49 am

Oh, that's right 

When last we checked, Alison Blaire, Dazzler as she's known by mutant villains and sexually confused teenagers, stops by the Xavier Mansion, uniform torn, and possibly in need of help.  Remember that, it comes up later.  Anyway, that doesn't come up in this issue, instead we see what the two other established X-Men have been up to infiltrating Genosha.

While Magneto gloats and makes almost the same speech as last issue, but with Xavier as a prop, we get the side story of Amelia Voght conflict at being at Magneto's right, but having to go against her former lover, Charles Xavier.  Apparently Amelia "didn't want to get involved," "didn't want to choose sides," or "want there to be sides."  But now, "the war has come to her doorstep."  Say wha?  Unless I'm mistaken, this is not even Amelia's third appearance and has fought in the name of Magneto many times, but she never wanted to choose sides?  And all of a sudden, she's surprised the repeatedly violent would-be dictator declared war on humans, which he has done in 89% of his reappearances?  Lobdell, you intrigue with your insane logic.  What's next?

  Wolverine's slightly lovestruck musings about the "new" Cyclops.  See, Cyclops is fresh from shaking off possession by the spirit of Apocalypse of the mangling of The Twelve storyline.  Apparently Logan is so caught up with the changes in Scott, he feels the need to work out his feelings in his head.  Now mind you, Cyclops has only been back for three issues, but Wolverine has already noticed "Scott ain't the boy scout he's been in the past," and  he's "charging through the world with his eyes wide open."  The only thing Cyclops has done in this issue and last?  Hold a baby.  That's reckless, Scott!  I'll have your badge!

After a lame attempt at political debate, Cyclops shows off his new 'tude by bank shooting two guards in the sewers under Genosha him and Wolverine have been running through.  The two guards?    I can see Cyke's shot taking out Random.  If you're not familiar with the character, he was a mutant from the Havok era X-Factor who had the ability to not only change his arms to guns but also make himself look like a meth-addicted biker.  But Blob?  The shot would have been weakened not only from having to rebound off the wall, but from the simple fact it was not powerful enough to blow through the wall.  And he should be able to shrug that off with no problem.  And I like how Wolverine is surprised Random, who was last seen working for the Dark Beast, and Blob, card-carrying member of the Brotherhood of EVIL Mutants joined up with Magneto, who founded the Brotherhood.  Way to be a dumbass, Logan.

Seeing Magneto's army, Wolverine makes ready to leap into action and tells Scott to cover him, which Scott poises ready to do, and Wolverine admits he's kidding.  Scott does as well, but seeing as he obviously never made a joke EVER, something must be wrong with him in Wolvie's mind.  Ahh, it's so sweet he's concerned.  Anyway, the duo run into Genosha's human resistance and Scott decides to embarrass the freedom fighters by handing them their asses without moving from the spot he was spotted in.  This act of expert marksmanship and carefulness(he hits only the weapons) is also seen as proof Cyke's different.  You're a loose cannon, Scott!  No one was hurt!

We end with Jean and her group of substitutes   flying towards Genosha to fight an army of mutants and the world's deadliest mutant, with no training whatsoever and no plan of action.  This is the kind of thinking that leads to Iraq being invaded.

Till tomorrow.

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